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Learner Reviews

Before this course, I was extremely nervous and unsure of what to expect. This clarified all of my questions. I know feel prepared for recruitment week and am more excited than ever!

Abigail G.
Florida Southern

I enjoyed learning about all of these aspects of mental health. It has helped make me aware and educated.

Alexis C.

It is worth every minute! It really helps people going in blind eyed to truly understand what recruitment is all about!

Kenzie Y.
Kennesaw State University

I loved doing this I learned SO much!

Emili M.
CSU Chico

Amazing Course! I was very confused and felt that I knew very little going into primary recruitment. After this orientation, I feel very equipped and knowledgable going into recruitment and not only know the process and expectations but have a better grasp in what I am looking for in a sorority.

Brooke W.
University of Alabama

It was filled with useful information, and I was prepared to handle all scenarios. It helped me to stay calm and enjoy the process.

Katherine L.
Florida Southern

The video was awesome and really gave me a bit of what I am to expect by joining a sorority.

Madison S.
Kennesaw State University

Going into this course, I thought I had enough information I needed to head into recruitment confidently. This course taught me the vocabulary used, my rights as a PNM, the mindset I need to choose a forever home, and how to be better prepared. This course was very informative and I can say that I am very well prepared to go into sorority recruitment!

Kaitlyn R.
Texas A&M

I just wanted to say thank you for offering such an easy and amazing course. This really helped me get a better understanding of what I am getting involved with along with knowing what to expect during recruitment.

Stormie B.
University of New Mexico

Helped me learn about the fraternity rush process and get comfortable with it.

Michael F.

The website was exceptionally organized and easy to follow. The presentations were also very engaging and clear, overall I really enjoyed the experience! The pdf files are really good resources as well, I recommend downloading them.

Hannah J.
UC Santa Barbara