Panhellenic LAUNCH

We help you reach more potential members so you can build a stronger community.  With these learning resources and a dedicated coach to guide you through the process, you can develop stronger leaders, share valuable campus information, and dispel myths to better share the Panhellenic experience!

Recruitment Team Training & One-on-One Coaching

Recruitment Officers have access to deep training on how to lead recruitment as well as access to a dedicated one-on-one coach throughout the year.

“Guiding PNMs” Recruitment Counselor Training

Recruitment Counselors will have access to an interactive training program on how to guide PNMs throughout the recruitment process so they have strong foundational information on their role and responsibilities.

“Why Sorority” Pre-Registration Info Session

You can offer a complimentary program to women interested in joining a sorority (and their parents/caregivers) that walks through the value of joining a sorority, an overview of the process and addresses common concerns.

“Recruitment 101” Pre-Recruitment Program

After Registration, provide your potential members with the information they need to feel prepared and confident for the process. This program walks her, and her parents or caregivers/ everything she needs to know before Recruitment, including campus specific material, to help them feel knowledgeable about the process!

“Sorority Foundations” Post-Recruitment Program

After recruitment, you can provide your new members with foundational training that is specific to the sorority experience around leadership, mental health, substance abuse and other important topics.

Recruitment Analysis

We will walk you through the assessment data that we gather about your campus, benchmark it to our national data, share our insights and help you better transition to your successor.

We have helped 100+ Panhellenic communities recruit more members and provided education to over 500,000 women. Here are a few of the campuses that trust us with this important work:

Abigail G.
Florida Southern

I was extremely nervous and unsure of what to expect. This platform clarified all of my questions. I feel more prepared and excited than ever!

Anne Marie F.
Clemson University

Panhellenic LAUNCH has helped me understand more about the rush process, and what I am getting into. I think it does a great job preparing PNMs for recruitment.

Amie S.
University of Florida

This helped me better understand the whole recruitment process, in an easy-to-understand manner. I feel more prepared to start the recruitment process.

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